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Guild Partner Directory

Where possible, incorporate authentic and memorable experiences that consultants will be excited to share with their colleagues. To lighten the lift, consider the Site Selectors Guild’s Advisory Forum service for their help securing high-quality consultants for a FAM tour and arranging travel. Retained by companies to identify the best markets to support corporate growth plans, site selection consultants are involved in an estimated 40% of site selection decisions – making them an important audience for economic development marketing efforts. Boyd combines many of your own in-house skills with capabilities outside the range of your normal day-to-day operations. Broome is at the helm of one of the longest-standing regional public-private partnerships for economic development.

  • A facility location decision is one that is likely to endure well beyond the project team and current executive management.
  • Clients determine the importance of incentives in each project’s overall success formula.
  • He is a proven leader with 20-plus years of experience in community-building and economic development, new company creation, formation of public-private partnerships and public policy design.
  • The concept grew out of the need seen first-hand, by its founder, Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Southwest Michigan First, how economic developers and site selectors can find themselves on opposite sides of the road and how money can be easily spent without results.

In this role, he leads the operations of a $5 million regional organization with a 26-person staff that represents Orange, Seminole, and Lake counties, and the City of Orlando. Today’s hybrid environment has normalized virtual meetings – a big win for building and maintaining site consultant relationships in a cost-effective manner. Following a tenure as a relocation analyst with Dun & Bradstreet’s Management Consulting Division in New York City, Jack established the Boyd firm in Princeton, NJ’s famed Twenty Nassau Building overlooking the Princeton University campus in 1975.

Data Centers

Originally from Romania, Andrei has traveled across the world and lived in several countries. He speaks 5 languages, spends his free time with the family, travelling to new places, watching movies, or playing sports. Site selectors will often become specialists in certain industries or project types. Some of the typical industries include food processing, plastics, retail, aerospace, software, automotive, medical devices and other niche industries that have special labor, infrastructure and real estate needs. Similarly, site selectors have also become experts in certain cross-industry project types such as call centers, data centers, distribution centers, manufacturing operations, shared service centers and headquarters.

Cooke played a pivot role in restructuring the company, promoting the entry into the flash market and assisting management in a LBO from major stockholders. He has consulted with numerous companies in real estate, insurance, medical, architectural, financial, technology and telecommunications. In addition, the Guild partners closely with economic development professionals though with a range of networking events and offerings to help them make their communities more competitive and successful. A site selection consultant is a location strategy expert who partners with your company to understand your business needs and assess the ability of various locations to meet those needs to enable future growth. An experienced site selection consultant synthesizes knowledge from multiple disciplines, including engineering, supply-chain management, construction, utilities, logistics, regulatory compliance, taxes, incentive negotiation, and human resources. He is a founding member of the Site Selector’s Guild, an association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants.

As the son of John H. Boyd, one of the pioneers of the modern era of corporate site selection and the founder of The Boyd Company, Inc., John entered the world of corporate site selection and economic development at a young age. Beyond the five items discussed above, it is very important that a company select a site selection firm whom it trusts will help make the right decisions for its business. If the level of trust doesn’t exist then you probably need to look harder for a consultant that is more closely aligned to your culture or desired approach. Global Location Strategies (GLS), one of the world’s leading corporate site selection firms, has launched a new report line, GLS Insights. Our extensive expertise and tireless efforts ensure that DC Byte remains at the forefront of data centre research, offering unparalleled coverage and the most accurate insights into the evolving landscape of data centres globally.

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Marshall is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he received his bachelor’s degree in finance through the Investment-CFA track. He is responsible for all analysis and coordinating research for current projects at AngelouEconomics. He is responsible for all financial analysis and executing research for all current projects at AngelouEconomics.

Experts In Corporate Location Decisions

Vierck earned his Master’s degree in Geography with a specialization in Economic Geography and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Regional Development from the University of Arizona. Lampkin Award for Long Term Excellence in Economic Development” and “Developer of the Year” awards in both New Mexico and Arizona. He earned his certified Economic Developer (CEcD) designation in 1991 and has served on numerous economic and workforce development boards.

Shared Services and Call Centers

An unbiased approach helps protect the client from internal politics and external influences. By beginning with a stakeholder alignment workshop, the process is designed to detect existing biases within the team. Once the consultant gathers and analyzes the details about each location, the analysis will clearly demonstrate the location that has the best combination of low costs, high quality, and low risk.

Many of these smaller firms often depend on free data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other similar free sites that don’t produce the level of analytics needed to make informed decisions. Furthermore, this free data is not providing the geographic depth and analytical capability that is becoming standard in the modern site selection process. As a result, companies need to closely evaluate what type of data, the data analytics platform and manpower that site selectors have to make sure they will receive the level of analytics needed to make informed decisions. By leveraging Site Selection Group’s vast corporate site selection experience, we can help you develop a practical economic development strategy closely aligned with your objectives. Our experts will develop a holistic location strategy for you based on the advanced analysis of labor, supply chain, customers, and other location factors that are critical to the success of your company.

The Guild Partner Program aims to build strong, working relationships between economic development professionals and the industry’s top site selection consultants. Browse through Guild Partner profiles to learn more why do i need to fill out form w about participating economic development organizations and their communities. Prior to GPEC, Broome was shaping Kalamazoo, Michigan’s economy through a university, life science and venture capital strategy.

Of all the reasons to work with a site selector on location strategy, perhaps the most compelling is that consultants are the heads of the industry. Site selection is an infrequent project for many corporate executives and their companies. Working with a consultant, and tapping into their expertise, maximizes efficiency throughout the process and ensures that your location will yield both short-range and long-term benefits. It is critical that site selection consultants have no conflicts of interest and their fiduciary duty is solely to serve your company, not any landlords. The biggest conflict of interest that has emerged is at real estate firms that present themselves as site selectors while representing property owners and even having ownership in real estate. Similarly, large tax firms are often limited on what services they can provide to which customers due to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

We are now seeing hyperscalers and operators demand expand into different regions, including Africa. In the continent, international operators are entering emerging markets and investors are seeking higher returns with fibre, submarine cables and data centre projects. The digital boom driven by the COVID-19 pandemic has grown the connectivity, mobile and internet usage for the entire continent. We can collaborate to develop innovative global data centre market intelligence and digital solutions that will drive the growth of your business.

Current Board appointments include Advisory Board of The College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin (largest college at UT). Angelos is also President of, and President of Gridmates, member companies of the International Accelerator. Past appointments include board and advisory posts at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the Social Sciences Department at St. Edwards University and the World Information Technology Conference. Angelos was awarded the US Economic Development of the Year award by Site Selection Magazine.

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