F10 20 Alcohol dependence, uncomplicated ICD-10-CM

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F10 20 Alcohol dependence, uncomplicated ICD-10-CM

Comorbid psychiatric disorders are considered to be ‘the rule, not the exception’ for young people with alcohol-use disorders (Perepletchikova et al., 2008). Data from the US National Comorbidity study demonstrated that the majority of lifetime disorders in their sample were comorbid disorders (Kessler et al., 1996). This common occurrence of alcohol-use disorders and other substance-use disorders along with other psychiatric disorders notes the importance of a comprehensive assessment and management of all disorders. Disruptive behaviour disorders are the most common comorbid psychiatric disorders among young people with substance-use disorders. Those with conduct disorder and substance-use disorders are more difficult to treat, have a higher treatment dropout rate and have a worse prognosis. This strong association between conduct disorder and substance-use disorders is considered to be reciprocal, with each exacerbating the expression of the other.

alcoholism icd 10

Alcohol is rapidly absorbed in the gut and reaches the brain soon after drinking. This quickly leads to changes in coordination that increase the risk of accidents and injuries, particularly when driving TOP 10 BEST Mens Sober House in Dorchester MA in Boston, MA January 2024 a vehicle or operating machinery, and when combined with other sedative drugs (for example, benzodiazepines). Its adverse effects on mood and judgement can increase the risk of violence and violent crime.


Whatever the true heritability, these studies indicate that genetic factors may explain only part of the aetiology of alcohol dependence. The remaining variation is accounted for by environmental factors and their interaction with genetic factors. While no single gene for alcohol dependence has so far been identified, a range of genes that determine brain function have been implicated (Agrawal et al., 2008).

  • Nearly a million children live with one or more parents who misuse alcohol and 6% of adults report having grown up in such a family.
  • Delve into this communication disorder’s codes, billability, and clinical relevance.
  • Some 70% of men who assault their partners do so under the influence of alcohol (Murphy et al, 2005).
  • At this stage, work on enhancing the service user’s motivation towards making changes and engagement with treatment will be particularly important.
  • This ICD-10 code is meant to be used on a patient confirmed to have a family history of alcohol abuse and/or dependence.

Furthermore, long-term untreated alcoholism can even result in brain damage. Dive into the details of F31.32, a code denoting moderate bipolar disorder in a current depressive episode. The ICD-10-CM code F31.62 diagnoses a patient with Bipolar Disorder and is currently having a mixed episode, meaning they are depressed and manic.

12.4. Homeless people

Factor analysis involves analyzing the relationships between a set of variables to determine if they appear to be measuring one or more latent variables, called factors. A subset of items more related to each other https://en.forexdata.info/the-most-common-causes-of-bruising-after-drinking/ than to other variables in a data set suggests that this subset of items is measuring an underlying construct or condition. The relationship of any item to a particular factor is indicated by its factor loading.

alcoholism icd 10

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